Harassment after marriage, Need your help and support

Ameera {name changed} I married on 11th may 2012, 15 days of marriage life was good in laws place, after that they started torturing me every day by mother in law sister in law and other family members they humiliated me and my family member too bcoz we don’t have own house, after marriage I came to knew this marriage happened against my mother in law and father in law.. only my husband was agreed.
Hardily I spent 6 months in laws place… My husband loves me he can’t do anything or protect me from elder sister in laws bcoz he is younger in family. My husband told me and ensure on oct month 2012 for separate house on 2nd nov he dropped me to my mother place for pregnancy check up from there on words he never turn back to my place nor he is bother to know how we are living, I have 7 months boy baby we informed his family no one are responding us..This marriage happened only bcoz of my elder sister in law she is doc… 
All this problem happened bcoz of my third sister in law she is divorcee she is govt employee she ruled on us she stays in my in laws place… 
my request to my husband is just take us way from in laws home keep and give us our rites that’s it…
for this my husband is not responding me past one year 3 months in between he changed his contact numbers too for that now I lodged a complaint on 4th dec to women police station blore from there there is no response yet..
My husband lodged false complaint on my brothers stating that we threatening him, my husband his playing with our feelings
I don’t know what I should do further am really worried about my marriage life I just want my baby’s father 
I request you to advise me, what to do next please help me out I want a solution from peoples.

Thanking you

(Ameera name changed)


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